Product Detail

Name                            Moxidectin

Molecular Formula      C37H53NO8  

Molecular Weight         639.82  

CAS Registry Number      113507-06-5

MSDS      Available  

Apperance   White or off-white crystalline powder  ; practically insoluble in water, very soluble in ethanol    

Identification    IR spectrum of the sample corresponds not more intensely colored than reference solution GY6    

impurity A 1.5%    

impurity B 0.5%      

impurity C1.5%      

impurity D2.5%      

impurity E+F1.5%      

impurity G 1.5%

any other impurity 0.5%

impurity H+I 1.0%      

impurity J  0.5%      

impurity K  0.5%  

Total purity: 7.0%  

Water   ≤1.3%  

Heavy Metals   ≤20ppm  

Sulphate ash   ≤0.2%  

Assay (drying basis)   92.0~102.0%  

Macrolide antibiotics ;Antiparasitic