Product Detail

Name                             Clopidogrel  

Molecular Formula      C16H16ClNO2S  

Molecular Weight        321.82  

CAS Registry Number      113665-84-2  

Cardiovascular drug; Used as anticoagulants

Light yellow viscous liquid

Loss on drying    ≤0.5%  

Residue on ignition   ≤0.10%  

Compound A: ≤0.5%Compound B: ≤0.5%Other single impurity: ≤0.5%Total impurity: ≤2.0%  

Isomer    ≤1.0%  

Assay(on dried base)   98.5 to 101.5%  

Related intermedate:

CAS No.28783-41-7    4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrothieno[3,2,c] pyridine hydrochloride    

white or off white power;98.5%

CAS No. 1003-09-4    2-Bromothiophene                                                                  

Transport Information       UN 2929  

for Grignard reagents;  intermediate of clopidogrel

colorless to yellowish oily;Purity>98.0% (GC)

CAS No. 30433-91-1     Thiophene-2-ethylamine    

Yellowish clear liquid; 98%

CAS No. 141109-19-5    D-(+)-Methyl-alpha-(2-thienylethamino)(2-chlorophenyl)acetate hydrochloride    

white solid; 98%

CAS No. 135046-48-9   (+/-)-Clopidogrel bisulfate                            

white powder; 99%      Is a novel antiplatelet drug like ticlopidine aggregation;

This product by inhibiting adenosine two phosphate (ADP) pathway inhibition of plateletactivation, and inhibition of platelet aggregation

CAS No.120202-66-6  Clopidogrel bisulfate